What Are The Best Free API Services?

While many are aware of the function an API plays, many don’t. API or Application Programming Interface can be described as a middleman connecting two platforms in a structure both can interpret. The owners of the programs disclose some of their features to third parties simultaneously keeping the remaining application secure. This article will be devoted to gaining insights into the top-notch free API list ruling the market. This will be the perfect way to learn about the different free APIS and how you can use them to progress your business.

  1. Google API

The list of free APIs is certainly topped by the Google API. Not only will you experience the opportunity to engage with a vast range of open APIs but also easily employ those many products in your work mechanism. Adsense, Maps, AMP, Blogger, and so many Google products are available – all of which can be utilized by you. All these products can be integrated by a specialized API.

  1. Hubspot API

The Hubspot API is a highly beneficial API that aids in the development of tailor-made solutions especially suiting your business requirements pertaining to sales, service, marketing, social media, and so on. The best part is, you have the chance to associate advanced functionality with prevailing robust marketing software and unite your HubSpot account with additional tools.

  1. Telegram API

Many already use Telegram for communication purposes, and this service comprises two APIs. The first is named Bot API which functions by connecting the bots to Telegram as a result you can utilize the messages as an interface. And, the second is the Telegram API where you have the liberty to develop your own version of Telegram by customizing it your way.

  1. Mapbox API

This is a renowned geolocation API among developers developing custom dynamic apps. Here you will find 10 different APIs for specific uses. This is primarily a paid service, but also offers a free plan that enables restrained usage of its API.=

  1. The New York Times API

As can be well anticipated from the name, the New York Times API offers knowledge about whatsoever is occurring around the world. From news, and incidents, to articles, lists, movie reviews, and so on, you will get it all.

       6. Shutterstock API

This is again a wholesome API with the help of which you can get access to Shutterstock’s library. This enables you to explore, view information, license, preview, and also download media. Furthermore, this involves music tracks, royalty-free images, and video clips. This way, you will be able to boost your site’s user interface and aesthetic and offer better branding with the help of premium media.

      7. LinkedIn API

This API offers the function of adding LinkedIn functionality with all your sites and apps and using the functions like signing in, transferring on LinkedIn, combining LinkedIn learning, and also expanding the marketing endeavors to the platform.

     8. Yahoo Search Marketing API

The Yahoo Search Marketing API offers you the opportunity to utilize Yahoo marketing data with the help of which you can handle your marketing campaigns. This well-structured solution assists you in customizing applications and displaying only the ones you want.

     9. WordPress API

If you are looking forward to expanding your WordPress capacities, then this WordPress API is the perfect go-to option. This is popularly known as the ecosystem of APIs and is categorized based on popular parameters to aid in your search. The developers of plugins and themes will be able to employ this API in numerous ways.

      10. Hunter API

This API is useful for verifying or locating the email addresses of different organizations and professionals. In case your work deals with reaching out to an endless number of people, this is one of those API products you will find extremely helpful.

     11. YouTube API

With the help of this API, you will be able to add YouTube functionality to different apps and sites. For instance, you can attach an embedded player in your app and let the audience subscribe in one click. Additionally, you can also schedule and handle live broadcasts.

     12. Vimeo API

This is a favored API particularly suited for enterprise video hosting. This API is an excellent choice for the ones who want to add videos within their app and design the playback knowledge. In fact, you can also choose to exploit Vimeo’s video tools.

     13. Twitter API

This is an API that will assist you in reading and writing Twitter data and helping in developing scheduling apps and additional capacity performance. Furthermore, you can also get hold of tweets comprising specific keywords, hashtags, or topics.

The free API list is quite huge, and considering its free-of-cost nature, it becomes suitable for numerous entrepreneurs to put into use. You can always choose to begin with the free one, and proceed to the paid versions for elaborate use.

This article was provided by Meenal Aggarwal

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